The Lifestyle

What’s up my fellow wordpress extraordinaires!?

My name is JP Buckley and I will be delivering you all the most interesting, awesome, thought-inspiring posts from here on out. A little ambitious, sure. But that is the goal. My sophomore year in college I took a communications writing class. Pretty much the whole premise of the class was to learn how to be a blogging legend. I told the professor I wanted to do a lifestyle blog, because when it boils down to it, the one thing I am 100% sure I am good at is living, as that is the one area I have proven to be successful. She said no. Brutal, I know.

But here I am, still alive. Still succeeding at living. I have created JPBs Place as a site that allows me to bring my personality to life here on Web 2.0. My posts will be extremely eclectic. I will embrace my inner nerd with technology posts; harvest my entrepreneurial spirit with posts of start-ups and new ideas that often come to mind; fuel my passion for hockey with posts concerning both managerial decisions and player highlights. I have the intention to create virtual art exhibits that will showcase various genres and styles. I will share my unique taste in music with videos and artists/song suggestions. The possibilities are endless.

Each post will share one thing in common: Each and every one is a reflection of me.

I know I must sound like an egomaniac, but that is not my intention at all. I am trying to build a network. Spark connections with like-minded individuals through my posts. And more importantly, learn things about myself in the process.

Hopefully you will all enjoy following as much as I will enjoy posting.


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