Friday Night Anthem: Its a Gatsby Paaahty

I’ve been pretty giddy all day long. Not because its Friday, but because its a special Friday. Maybe the coolest friday of the year; definitely the coolest friday of the fall semester. Tonight, a very close friend of mine is hosting an fundraiser for the Richard Family. Their son, Martin, died in the Boston Marathon Bombings. She put together an art exhibit/winery event at the Boston Winery. There will be auctions for pieces of art, food, wine and good people.

My friends and I are all fired up because we finally have an excuse to dress to the nines (not that there needs to be an excuse but, whatever). Our anticipation all day resembles that of Nick Carraway’s the day of his first Gatsby Party. In honor of a classy and awesome night, I chose a song from The Great Gatsby soundtrack to take us into the weekend.

Have a blast tonight, old sports.


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