These are the 4 most important tech issues for lawmakers to solve

This article from Gigaom comes at a very interesting time because a large portion of my E-commerce class last night dealt with who and how should we handle technology and the law. Our discussion revolved around a case study on The Pirate Bay and whether or not the company’s owners were at fault for their role in copyright infringement.
This article raises a lot of key issues that lawmakers are facing as technology continues to advance. I did, however, find it odd that there was no mention of security and how lawmakers will deal with hacker organizations or individuals that will inevitably disrupt the system.


Technology is becoming more integrated into every aspect of life both in America and abroad, but the laws that govern it can’t seem to catch up. When they do, they’re often inadequate, shortsighted and burdensome to a fault. Some of this is unavoidable because of the fast pace of innovation, but there’s also a lot that lawmakers can get right if they’re willing to give certain issues the attention they deserve.

Here are four technology issues that might presently be the most-pressing ones facing the United States (although most of these are global issues, as well). There are probably some big ones missing (I suspect some might point to intellectual property or net neutrality); feel free to share your ideas in the comments. Unfortunately, while it’s relatively easy to spot the challenges, it’s a lot harder to come up with solutions.

But that’s why legislators get paid the big…

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