My Encounter with the Boston University Hip Hop Cypher & TJ Reynolds


There’s something to be said for randomly meeting cool and interesting people in unexpected places.

Last night around 5:30 I was heading down Comm Ave on my way to class when I noticed a group of hip-hop enthusiasts circled around a stereo. Now, I’ve seen this group before but was never inclined to join in. On this particular Wednesday evening, however, I was all hopped-up on Starbucks, had some time to spare, and wanted to put back into perspective how good Drake really is.

SB_TJ_ReynoldsWell, the Universe was at large because as I started approaching the circle, I was welcomed in verse by the man rapping. Hm, unusual because the usual is college aged people. This man was definitely older and his experienced showed. He spit to the beat for a solid five minutes, covering a wide range of meaningful topics. He was smooth, confident, and full of passion.

I would have stuck around but I was on the clock. I actually felt            rude walking away but he wasn’t stopping anytime soon.

Fast forward three hours. I’m walking back up Comm ave to my apartment and see the same guy unlocking his bike! (The Universe.) So I stop and chat with him a little bit. His name is TJ Reynolds. He is an artist and an educator, which made sense because his cypher was basically a lesson on life to a beat. He gave me his card and I was on my way.


When I got home I checked out his site. He is the lead singer for a band called TJReynolds & the Freehand Orchestra. They make some really funky songs that are all available for free download. What a guy! My favorite one is Next In Line off the album The Coloring Book.

Anyway, figured I’d share. It was pretty interesting to me how all the pieces came together and now I have new music and got to meet a very cool guy. The Universe.


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