The Verdict: Scott v. Kessel, 131 NHL 3281 (2013)

Here ye, here ye. Court is in session; the honorable Judge John-Paul presides.

The matter at hand is regarding an physical altercation between a one, Mr. John Scott of the Buffalo Sabers and a one, Mr. Philip Kessel of the Toronto Maple Leafs occurring on the night of Sunday, September 22, 2013.

Charges: The plaintiff, Mr. Kessel being represented by majority of the media and the City of Toronto, is charging the Defendant, Mr. John Scott, with violation of “The Code.” Mr. John Scott, being represented by the City of Buffalo and anyone that knows anything about hockey, has pleaded Not Guilty to all charges. He is counter-suing Mr. Kessel for Defamation and Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

Facts: On September 22, 2013 the Toronto Maple Leafs hosted the Buffalo Sabers for sixty minutes of high intensity preseason hockey. At 02:19 in the second period, a fight breaks out between two Meat-Wagons, Corey Tropp (BUF) and Jamie Devane (TOR).

Following the fight, John Scott (6’8” fighter) and Phil Kessel (superstar) line up at center ice. They jaw. Suddenly, they clash! Scott goes after Kessel as Kessel retreats in a panic and throws 3-4 violent slashes. A massive line brawl erupts. Scott gets tied up with a few Leaf’s players who quickly come to the rescue of their cowardice superstar, who continues hacking away at defenseless Scott. Flynn (BUF) quickly ties up Kessel into a fight at center ice. Flynn loses.

Kessel skates away, retrieves his belongings, skates back over to Scott who is tied up with two referees and Clarkson (TOR) and throws a spear into Scotts side, then proceeds to skate off the ice.

The Verdict: A. Kessel wins the case regarding Scotts, violation of “the Code.” The code states that no player known to be an “enforcer” or tough guy can fight an opposing team’s superstar player. This is an unwritten rule. Despite initiation by Kessel, Scott should not have dropped his gloves with Kessel. I honestly think he was just trying to send a message and wasn’t going to actually fight Kessel. But that is speculation and would never fly in the court! While Kessel wins this ruling, it is only a minor win because the second Kessel threw the first slash, Scott is no longer liable for his actions.

kessel slash B. Scott wins the Assault with a Deadly Weapon case. This is the most crucial ruling in the case because it effects the other two rulings. Scott may have been out of line asking Kessel to fight. This is just hearsay. The media has put out a ton of different quotes claiming Scott asked to fight Kessel. Some say Scott said it was a joke, some say he was going to fight whoever the Leaf’s lined up next to him. The fact of the mater is, the altercation initially began when Kessel took his hand off his stick and put it on Scotts jersey, to which Scott threw his gloves down. Kessel throws violent slashes while in retreat. These slashes are absolutely unwarranted. Maybe, MAYBE the initial slash could be acceptable because Kessel knew he would take a beaten and his fight-or-flight responses kicked in. But he continued to throw violent slashes when Scott was tied up. Later, he skated back over and gave a vicious spear whenScott was locked up. Unwarranted and unacceptable.

C. Scott loses the case on Defamation. You can’t blame the Kessel, fans or the media for coming at Scott for his actions. We all know Toronto fans are crazy to begin with and the media is always looking to generate a buzz. The fact of the matter is he threw his gloves down first. His own fault. Scott loses.

In trying to keep up with the whole official court theme, I got a little caught up in trying to “think like a lawyer” as they say. This started with a disagreement between my friend Shea and I about who was wrong in this situation. When it comes down to it I personally think Kessel is a little rat and instigated the whole thing. You know after a fight where the Sabers guy gets knocked out, that team is going to come looking to even the score. It really is the Leaf’s coach’s fault for not throwing his fighters out there. Kessel talked shit. Scott didn’t like it and Kessel got scared. The spear is what really solidified Kessel’s spot on my shit list for the rest of his career. Cowardice move. Scott was just doing his job as a hired enforcer to stick up for his team.


Don’t poke the bear, though. Go Bruins.


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