Sunday Funday Travels: Coolidge Corner and The Pet Store From Hell

This post is a little overdue but I’m going to share it anyway because my adventures on Sunday were too good not to document.


Instead of the normal Sunday, which consists of early morning hydration in between bouts of consciousness bleeding into evening binge drinking seasonal beers and wine during football games, a few friends and I decided to step outside the box. Our motivation came from a coupon I had that offered “Buy 2 fish get the third fish free.” Sick! I’ve been internally debating the pros and cons of being a pet owner for a few months now. At some point in our lives we have to become responsible for the well-being of another human, may that be a spouse or a child. I’m not completely sold on the idea at this point in my life, but I figure owning a fish, hedgehog, CHAMELEON! might help prepare me for this future reality.

The pet shop, coincidentally called The Pet Shop is located on 165 Harvard Ave Allston, Ma. My friend The Bod, Moccia, and his girlfriend Teresa grabbed a few waters and followed our destiny via google maps. We were directed up the backroads of Brookline into Coolidge Corner. It was a beautiful day out and so we didn’t mind the trek. Personally, I had always wanted to take a random stroll into the Brookline neighborhoods so I was enjoying myself, despite being violently hungover.

Dennis Lehane's House (Shutter Island, Mystic River)

Dennis Lehane‘s House (Shutter Island, Mystic River)

We started passing by some insanely nice houses, each giving our take on which one we thought was the best. An old man hobbling down the street informed us that the house we were gawking at was just purchased by Dennis Lehane for a cool $3 million USD. For those of you who don’t know, Dennis Lehane is the author of Mystic River, Shutter Island, and other great books. After initially feeling a little dejected by this number, we soon decided that $3 million USD would be beneath us someday. We would be shooting for $5-6 million range for our future homes. Positive vibes.

We made our way up to Anna’s Tacqueria on Harvard Street. My friends grubbed on a few fat burritos while I considered my options on pet specie and name. I was pretty set on getting a chameleon or a hedgehog. The other three were pretty set on the fish coupon and burritos at hand. I also decided that I liked human names for animals over nonsense names, such as Spike.

We ended up walking all the way down Harvard street into Coolidge Corner. It was such a beautiful day that the distance we were walking in sandals didn’t bother us at all. We came across a ton of cool little shops and restaurants that sparked some interesting topics. The main thought that carried the length of our walk was how come Jewish people are so good at making Bagels? There is a bagel shop on Harvard Street right outside of Coolidge Corner that is infamous for their bagels. I’ve never been but the other three were ranting and raving about it. We never did find an answer to satisfy our curiosity so if you have any information about Jewish people making great bagels, let me know.


I was also pretty fired up to find the Coolidge Corner movie theater that I had read an article about a few days earlier. This is one of 9 movie theaters in Boston that sell alcohol.

After passing by through the square and arriving at our destination, we realized we had been wronged by Google maps! The Pet Store was at 165 Harvard Ave, not Harvard Street! Defeat. But we would never admit it. So we hailed a taxi and set off on a rather hysterical journey. The driver was the man and let me talk to his boss over the walkie-talkie-intercom system. I informed The Boss about our identities and destination. Safe to say The Boss wasn’t too happy but our driver was in tears laughing. Unsure as to whether or not this guy would retain his job after we exited his cab, we left him a few extra bucks.

So finally we get to The Pet Shop on Harvard Ave. By this point there was absolutely no shot in hell we were leaving this place empty handed. Well, that all changed the second we walked into this store.Or should I say, hurdled over a massive, immobile bear-looking dog lying in front of the door. l air was stale and rancid. There were cats roaming all over the store. Buckets of open water/algae/mud littered everywhere. We approached a short old-timer and asked where the chameleons were. He ran through a list of illegal animals in Massachusetts. Bummer. Hedgehogs were $300 bucks and looked fairly health and I ALMOST considered buying one until it took a shit all over the poor girls hand that was holding it. There were a ton of fish tanks but they all looked like they were on the back 9. At first glance, the turtles looked like they were having a grand ole time swimming around, but we soon realized that they were clawing at the tank’s glass praying to tip over and make a run for the door. Poor guys.

We finally admitted defeat, hurdled back over the dog and grabbed some fresh air before we passed out. Luckily, The Pet Shop is located right next to the liquor store, so we grabbed a few bottles of wine and took a B-line back to my apartment, just in time for some football.

All in all, it was a great day. We found out where Dennis Lehane lives, ate a few burritos, considered the Jewish Bagel phenomenon, probably got a taxi driver fired, and learned the legality of pet ownership in Massachusetts. But in the end, it was the process that mattered. We didn’t achieve our intended goal, but we put our best foot forward and came out on top nonetheless.


I also found this little guy on Craigslist so we might be in business.


One thought on “Sunday Funday Travels: Coolidge Corner and The Pet Store From Hell

  1. u want a real pet store, check out Zoo Creatures, Plaistow, NH. A snake collection like i’ve never seen, lizards, fish, turtles….no dogs, no cats! Awesome

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