Instagram Is The Apple Of Apps, Fast Following With Finesse

Instagram, Ohhhh Killin em


Instagram didn’t invent photo sharing, video sharing, or the photo messaging it launched today. With 150 million users, it doesn’t have to be first. It just wants to be the best, making new experiences accessible to as many people as possible, but with style. You might say Instagram steals these ideas, but that would put it good company. It’s what people say about Apple.

Instagram was never really original. From the days when it was Burbn, it’s been a mashup of other apps with an extra coat of gloss.

Back then it was Foursquare meets Hipstamatic. Checkins and photo filters. It dropped most of the Foursquare part, and added a Twitter-style unfiltered feed. Twitter felt real-time, and Instagram did too, but by showing images in-line, it was more visually appealing.

Eventually Instagram was acquired by Facebook and incorporated its new parent company’s photo tagging system. It would then jump…

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